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Service Gaps... A Model !

So... you've defined your service blueprint... you know what the actual customer contact looks like at different Moments of Truth..., so you can understand the gap in your service performance, right?


There's just one more bit of content than can help us here - an understanding of what a gap in service means, and what causes it.

Analysis of the delta generally shows four key gaps which contribute to an overall service gap, as shown below.

The last gap "Communication" is the one often forgotten - just because you do actually deliver what was wanted, it doesn't mean a customer's perception of the service received is the same (the customer may not be right!).

This is why, for instance, Ryanair always on landing announce their on-time arrival.

Understanding the gaps in service helps prioritise the improvements required to deliver your service blueprint - by identifying the root causes of failures. Let's recap the benefits of bridging the service gaps. Bridging the Service Gap

Service gap