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Downloadable Templates and Examples of RATER Service Model

We hope you've enjoyed our articles on managing the customer experience, perfect order score and CRM. 

Here is a collation of some downloadable spreadsheet templates that go alongside the articles.

Contact Map Template

RATER Service Blueprint Template

It won't take you too long to work out that they are basically the same! But once populated, the contact map will describe the current customer experience, and the blueprint will describe the service you want to achieve. (And the difference between them summarises the gap you need to close).

The place to start is to brainstorm all those points of contact you have with your customers, and then to collate them into relevant groupings. In the examples, you'll see the contact points have been grouped by business process - e.g. promotions, order entry - but equally this could be grouped to something more meaningful for your business.

The second wave of activity is to put yourselve in your customer's shoes and try to understand their real experience of dealing with your company, across the five RATER service dimensions. This can be done with imagination alone, or you can actually ask them!  Similarly, on the blueprint, the service to which you aspire could be internally generated or determined through enquiries with your customers.  Put these aspirations on the "blueprint", and work out what you need to do within the business to consistently deliver against them - whether that be staff training, development of new collateral, process improvement, or anything else - and communicate!

It looks a little daunting at first, but most people start with just a bit of their business - e.g. quoting for work - and build it out over time. Even once you've populated three or four contact points against the RATER dimensions, you may just be surprised at how much this structure is telling you about what customers are really experiencing of your service, and what you need to do to improve!

Also, don't forget that the CXRM solution makes it easy to define your business processes to deliver your service blueprint.  Learn more about CXRM Pricing and Sign Up

For example, even at a very simple level, if you are swimming pool installer, you could have CXRM automatically build a list every week of all customers whose pool has been installed for over a month, and put that list on a "dashboard" to prompt a call to enquire if everyone was satisfactory.