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Signing Up for Your Own Xampe Account

If you've been using someone's else's xampe system and are thinking about having an account of your own here are some extra reasons for signing up:

Sign up for your own xampe account

Organise your business with Xampe Organise Your Business

  • Consolidate your business records: get all your business records in one place, customers, suppliers, projects, employees, files and more.
  • Store your correspondence and contact notes: keep track of who said what to whom; quotes, telephone calls, and emails.
  • Keep project and client files with your project and client records: making them easy to find whenever you need them.

Organise your work with XampeOrganise Your Work

  • Set up custom business processes in xampe: manage your workflow and projects with xampe's customisable process engine.
  • Track activity by "watching" records to see when they've been changed: great for seeing the progress of a piece of work.
  • Automate your business processes in xampe: set triggers to remind you to do things based on custom rules on your xampe records. 

Share with others using Xampe Share With Others

  • Sharing works! hopefully you've already seen how useful it is to be able to share information with other people using xampe.
  • Add in new users quickly and easily: you can add and remove users on your account with a couple of mouse clicks whenever you want.
  • Set tasks and actions for your team: use the contact notes on xampe to set follow-ups and tasks for other people in your team.

Simple billing from AlacrifySimple Billing

  • Per User charges: only £30+VAT per Full User per month.
  • No minimum spend: only pay for what you use.
  • Add and remove users whenever you need to: your bill is calculated at the end of each month and you can cancel your account at any time.

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