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Bridging the Service Gap

Bridging The Service Gap A key benefit of the Customer Service Blueprinting approach is that it provides a platform from which focused and aligned improvement initiatives can be driven, and a context in which business decisions can be made. Many organisations suffer from conflicting initiatives and this is often a result of different parties having different views of the customers’ priorities and being unable to communicate these differences. The Customer Service Blueprint will preven... more

How Important is Customer Service?

Stop Paying Lip Service to Customer Service If you don't look after your customers, someone else will! Product quality is assumed. Process efficiency is demanded. However, service excellence is still appreciated and valued. Increasingly, customer service is a leading differentiator. But what is service? How can it be measured? How can it be improved? This series of articles will help you draw some conclusions... Even the best small/medium sized businesses underestimate how important... more

Clear Cell Group

Clear Cell Group Management Consulting: Customer Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Customer Engagement, Loyalty Program Management, Campaign Management Deployment Services Customer Analytics Services Driving Profit through Clear Customer Understanding We are dedicated to helping our clients improve decision-making and profitability; leveraging advanced analytics and customer insights to enable business operations to focus on customers. Geography Covered:USA, Ca... more

Understanding Gaps in Your Customer Service

Service Gaps... A Model ! So... you've defined your service blueprint... you know what the actual customer contact looks like at different Moments of Truth..., so you can understand the gap in your service performance, right? Nearly! There's just one more bit of content than can help us here - an understanding of what a gap in service means, and what causes it. Analysis of the delta generally shows four key gaps which contribute to an overall service gap, as shown below. The last g... more

Understanding Customer Service with RATER

Understanding Excellence in Customer Service Excellence in customer service is always difficult to define, but we all know it when we see it. However, if we wish to deliver excellent service it is unlikely to happen by chance. We need:- a language for describing it a means of measuring it a system for setting standards and targets RATER: A language for describing the service a customer experiences The RATER model deconstructs customer service into five distinct and independent dimensi... more

Searching For A Definition Of Customer Service

Customer service is ... everything you can do to help your customer achieve their objectives... That's a broad definition, but it describes a broad relationship. Customers today expect more than simply the delivery of a transaction, the wider relationship is just as important, for example: i. in business to business arena, Rolls Royce no longer sells aero-engines to airlines, their proposition is to keep planes in the air and on time, by providing real-time monitoring and management serv... more

Perfect Order Score Example

Your service might be worse than you think! Consider the example "Perfect Order Score" below. This small consumer goods company was measuring its "complete and on time despatch" to customers at 95%. Setting aside that most customers are more interested in when goods arrive than when they're sent, this doesn't sound too bad (though 99.9% would be better). The Perfect Order Score reveals, however, that less than 40% of orders were going through the system without co... more

Measuring The Entire Customer Experience

Measuring the Entire Customer Experience A customer forms an impression of service received over time. Customer service excellence is complicated by the nature of how modern customer interactions take place: over a period of time; and following a considerable range of experiences. For instance, even conducting a simple online shopping transaction, your experience with the vendor is affected by the look and feel of the webpage, the ease of use, stock availability, delivery lead time... an... more


At CXRM, we are interested in expanding our partner base We work with a range from firms, from #CX-focused business consultancies to technology specialists. We seek like-minded firms with a passion for providing excellence in customer service and offer an attractive commercial proposition. If you would like to explore the fit, just drop us an email, tweet or phone call! By Email: By Social Media:

By Phone: +44 (0) 845 834 0853 ... more

How Customer Journeys Fit In

How Customer Lifecycles and Customer Journeys Interact A Customer Journey is the series of steps a customer takes to do something with your firm - for example, to make a purchase, or get help with a usage issue. Customer Lifecycles overarch individual Customer Journeys - a customer may, for example, have several engagements with your support team in their time as an active customer. Seen from an internal perspective, a customer's initial purchase of your service may start only as the cus... more


CXRM: Customer-Focused CRM (#CX) An Effective CRM Solution Is An Important Enabler to Delivering Service Excellence CXRM Makes Your Customers The Stars ***** Tailor CXRM To Fit Your Business Maintain Customer Focus As You Grow CXRM Is Easy To Implement Exceptional customer service drives customer loyalty and higher profits for your business. Use CXRM to:- Embed customer-centric ways of working Engage with customers across their lifecycles and journeys Create a single view of a custome... more

Defining the Ideal Service With a Blueprint

Defining a Customer Service Blueprint In the last few pages, we have defined a language to describe customer service and a Contact Map tool for capturing the customers’ experience at each Moment of Truth (MOT). The next step is to define the targeted service level - what we aspire to reach. We can do this using the same language and the same measurement tools - so our Customer Service Blueprint is simply the Customer Contact Map that we seek to achieve - with the required performanc... more

CX Insights

Customer Experience (CX) Your customers are even more important than you think! Published in this section are a number of articles on the topic of customer experience in business and how CXRM can be of use in improving customer care and retention in business. Our articles cover many areas of #CX Exceptional customer service drives customer loyalty and higher profits for your business Manage your customer relationships across the full lifecycle Use CXRM to embed customer-centric ways of wor... more


Customer Experience (CX) Your customers are even more important than you think! Published in this section are a number of articles on the topic of customer experience, covering: Defining customer service The importance of customer service A model for understanding the dimensions of service Measuring the customer experience Customer contact maps and RATER Using a blueprint to define ideal service Understanding service gaps Bridging service gaps Our you can learn more about CXRM Pri... more

Customer Lifecycles, CRM and Marketing

Customer Lifecycles, CRM and Marketing Integrating an understanding of customer lifecycles with customer management and marketing processes is a hugely powerful (and generally under-utilised) method of building value in your customer base. Returning to our Customer Lifecycle Model, below, we can consider some approaches to campaign that directly link to the cycles. Types of campaign include: Follow-up: typically instigated by your customer service aspirations. For instance, "always ... more


Comotion Management Consulting: Building Customer-Led Businesses Here at Comotion we help clients build 'customer-led' businesses. Our approach and solutions are based on the philosophy that companies are built on logic but managed by emotion. Commerce + Emotion = Comotion. As a result, we combine the rational methods of traditional consultancy with the engagement, branding and communications skills provided by agencies to deliver better results for o... more

Creating An Excellent Customer Experience

A recent article on highlights the importance of knowing your customer and their needs when it comes to building an excellent customer experience for them. At CXRM, we provide a platform for you to build upon your customer experience and help provide an excellent and personal service to the consumer. With CXRM you’ll be able to share information across your business from one place; helping to avoid running back and forth, sending constant internal emails and calls to one a... more

Free RATER Customer Service Model Templates

To go alongside our recent articles on the RATER Customer Service model, we've just uploaded some excel templates and examples to help people who want to develop a customer contact map and / or service blueprint using this popular customer experience management framework. Download them here! ... more

Customers Would Pay More For Better Customer Experience

Once again providing an excellent customer experience is a talking point. Zendesk have provided an excellent info graphic illustrating the importance of customer experience and why companies should invest here. One of the most interesting facts was that 82% of people stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service. Whilst 40% of people began purchasing from a competitive brand because of its reputation for great customer service. These stats only re-inforce the point that cu... more

Measure Your Customer Service Against the Perfect Order Score #perfection

Customer complaints or churn despite service level measurements looking good? Maybe you're measuring something too easy to achieve! Try this! ... more

Three More Methods To Improve Customer Experience

With countless small businesses competing against one another, great importance gets placed on customer experience. With all the options and choice customers have available these days, it’s important that your business is able to match customers’ expectations. We look at three simple steps your business can take to improve its customer experience; Be Personal – These days a lot of businesses communicate via social media such as Twitter and Facebook, however research shows t... more

Top 10 Ways To Create A Positive Customer Experience

Recently winthecustomer published an excellent post regarding how to create a positive customer experience, backed up with the fact that 68% of customers who left a company do so because they felt undervalued. We’ll summarise the ‘Top 10 Ways to Create a Positive Customer Experience’ below; Communicate with your customers – Before, during, and after the sale Find your customer service niche Show real customer appreciation Focus on resolving problems quickly Make c... more

Using the Perfect Order Score to Improve Customer Service

Acceptable ontime delivery to customers, but at what cost? “A hundred years ago people thought the industrial revolution had happened, but it has only just begun with the commercialisation of the Internet” Microsoft Whether you're an online only or mixed channel retailer, CXRM can help you get an understanding of your Perfect Order Score so you can make changes that improve your customer service. #perfection ... more

New Customer Workflow? It's Easy With CXRM!

CXRM is an easy system to implement. We do always suggest that you get the basics right first and come to the "bells and whistles" later. Here's a quick "peep" at a whistle. Alacrify - a successful website development company with a reputation for high quality design and friendly service - recently developed a CXRM blueprint for the management of workflows that ensure compliance with new Nominet registrar requirements. Read more here on the background. The steps to d... more

CXRM Provides A Platform To Build Customer Experience #CX + #CRM = #CXRM

CXRM is online software that helps create the time to grow and manage your business relationships [#CRM] by providing a platform to build excellent customer experience [#CX]. With CXRM you’ll be able to share information across your business from one place; helping to avoid running back and forth, sending constant internal emails and calls to one another. With CXRM each user is able to update and share notes and information on anything, making your business' contact with your custom... more

Tools To Improve Your Customer Retention

A recent article at Beyond Philosphy mentions that is is important to keep the customers you have by providing a great customer experience. Many SME businesses need an efficient online business system to manage their clients and records effectively. Allowing them to build a strong relationship with clients and provide excellent customer experience. CXRM has a wide range of tools to help achieve this ; Tools for sharing information, files and folders across your business A best-practice ac... more

Building Your Customer Experience Model With CXRM

With customer experience becoming more and more of a priority across platforms, it’s important businesses have the right model in place to deal with customers. Here at CXRM, we strive to provide a platform that allows you to manage your customers' experience and help provide an excellent and personalised service. CXRM enables your business to manage interactions with customers across the whole life cycle - from acquisition, to service delivery, to customer care and in maintaining on... more

Using CXRM To Provide Excellent Customer Experience

CXRM is an easy to use online software system that makes it easy to track subscriptions, manage your clients and help your business to grow effectively and efficiently. Many SME businesses need an efficient online business system to manage their clients and records effectively. Allowing them to build a strong relationship with clients and provide excellent customer experience. CXRM has a wide range of tools to help achieve this ; Tools for sharing information, files and folders across your ... more

Does your CRM help you improve customer engagement?

Nearly a decade ago, McKinsey wrote the following: "Although companies are investing record amounts of money in ... customer-relationship-management (CRM) technology... only 10 percent of business and IT executives surveyed strongly agreed that business results anticipated from implementing CRM were met or exceeded. What's regularly missing, in our experience, is the spark between the customer and frontline staff members—the spark that helps transform wary or skeptical people i... more

New articles on customer lifecycle and customer journey

CXRM's software helps you to manage customers across their lifecycles and to ensure that your operations are set up to deliver an optimal customer experience as customers engage with your company. But what is meant by 'customer lifecycle' and 'customer journey'? What is the difference between them? How can you use these best practice models in your business to drive excellent customer service and boost performance? We've just uploaded new content on customer lifecycles... more

How To Maintain Customer Focus As You Grow

It's hard to retain focus on customers as your company grows. At start-up (and at micro-size), the original founder's passion and commitment to go the extra mile for customers tends to design in a terrific customer experience, but with growth, there is a real risk that this original focus is diluted (see the diagram below). As an owner or manager of a smaller business trying to maintain customer focus as you grow, you'll need to be excellent across many disciplines. A useful pl... more

Measuring Customer Service Across A Complex Transaction

Perfectly Aligning Your Operations and Customer Service Delivery So you deliver complex services to customers - such as the supply and installation of a swimming pool or solar panels? CXRM can help you get an understanding of your Perfect Order Score across the whole of the transaction. CXRM solutions offer a smart and simple way to ensure your business operations are aligned to deliver the service your customers require, driving loyalty and, ultimately, profitable growth. ... more

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