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Clear Cell Group

Clear Cell Group Management Consulting: Customer Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Customer Engagement, Loyalty Program Management, Campaign Management Deployment Services Customer Analytics Services Driving Profit through Clear Customer Understanding We are dedicated to helping our clients improve decision-making and profitability; leveraging advanced analytics and customer insights to enable business operations to focus on customers. Geography Covered:USA, Ca... more

Building Your Customer Experience Model With CXRM

With customer experience becoming more and more of a priority across platforms, it’s important businesses have the right model in place to deal with customers. Here at CXRM, we strive to provide a platform that allows you to manage your customers' experience and help provide an excellent and personalised service. CXRM enables your business to manage interactions with customers across the whole life cycle - from acquisition, to service delivery, to customer care and in maintaining on... more

Measuring Customer Service Across A Complex Transaction

Perfectly Aligning Your Operations and Customer Service Delivery So you deliver complex services to customers - such as the supply and installation of a swimming pool or solar panels? CXRM can help you get an understanding of your Perfect Order Score across the whole of the transaction. CXRM solutions offer a smart and simple way to ensure your business operations are aligned to deliver the service your customers require, driving loyalty and, ultimately, profitable growth. ... more

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