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"Possibly the greatest challenge facing a fast growing business is the management of its information. The solution provided to ReportSource gave me and my management team a scalable, easy to use, reliable and comprehensive solution for everything from financial forecasting to resource and customer management. This solution enabled ReportSource to project ourselves into the marketplace like a company 100 times our size; it was an essential element in our growth and success." Ian Harrison, Deloitte.


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What is CXRM?

CXRM is customer experience and relationship management software.

CXRM is delivered as a service over the internet, meaning no new hardware is needed, and you'll benefit from continuous upgrades/updates of the service.

What are the benefits of CXRM?

CXRM helps you improve the experience your customers have with your business. 

Delighted customers are much more likely to place repeat business and recommend your services to others.

What is Pay As You Go Pricing?

We want you to stay with CXRM because the app adds value to your business, not because you're "locked in". You only sign up for a 30-day rolling contract and are free to cancel at any time you want. You only pay for the number of Users set up on your account.

How is my bill calculated?

You pay for the number of Users you have on your account.  You're free to add or remove users at any time and your next bill will reflect what you've done. There is immediate in-app pricing and a full audit trail.

How can I pay?

You can pay for CXRM with all major credit cards. Your first month is free. After that, payments will be drawn monthly, and an invoice and receipt is posted into the app.

How do I implement CXRM?

CXRM is feature rich – but still easy to deploy, and designed to be implemented at the pace that suits your requirements.

If you have a complex business, require substantial configuration, are migrating from another solution, or fitting CXRM into a wider CX improvement programme, then we can help by suggesting the most appropriate steps. It's important to match the approach to your business objectives so that you get business value as soon as possible.  

Read more about getting started.

How can I switch to CXRM?

CXRM has full data migration facilities. A partner  can advise on the approach to maximise the speed of introducing CXRM and utilise data and history from your existing solution.

Partners can also help on developing a blueprint that suits your business to maximise business benefits.

Is my data secure?

Yes - we use best in class data encryption and several layers of security in the app.

Read more about security.

How is CXRM supported?

Our philosophy is to design support solutions to prevent problems occurring in the first place, and augment that with a responsive support structure operated by people you can get to know - including a dedicated support partner.

Read more about support.

Is CXRM reliable?

Yes - our commitment is to 99.9% uptime.

Read more about reliability.

What does a CXRM partner do?

The primary role of partners is to provide support to our customers. They can also work provide you other services as required such as blueprinting, training, implementation support, etc. Partners are selected using a rigorous process, including an assessment of a potential partner’s quality of support, market positioning and financial strength.

What is xampe?

You'll see xampe mentioned on some of our web pages and administrative papers. xampe Limited is our registered company. xampe provides the SaaS platform on which CXRM is built, and also provides some of our support services (e.g. billing). You might also be interested in our PYXI solution.

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