Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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Measuring the Entire Customer Experience

A customer forms an impression of service received over time.

Customer service excellence is complicated by the nature of how modern customer interactions take place:

  • over a period of time; and
  • following a considerable range of experiences.

For instance, even conducting a simple online shopping transaction, your experience with the vendor is affected by the look and feel of the webpage, the ease of use, stock availability, delivery lead time... and later by the actual delivery, condition of the goods, accuracy of the description of the product features... and so on.

No one interaction can ensure customer loyalty - but one interaction can upset the relationship!

To address the complexity, we need to understand the typical Customer Lifecycle and the various Customer Journeys taken as they are engaged  - especially those points (Moments of Truth - MOTs) when the customers’ impressions will actually be formed.

Once we understand the MOTs we can begin to paint a picture of the customer experience at each point by using the RATER model - this picture we call a Customer Contact Map.  Using a Customer Contact Map And RATER