Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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How Can I Implement CXRM?

CXRM functionality is designed to be adopted at a pace that suits your business and objectives

You can choose the path that suits you – to give you the best balance off between time, cost and benefits.


Most CXRM users take this route.

Starting from the customer, you can rapidly put in place core service pathways or processes that improve the management of target segments of current and prospective customers - for example, "the sale, installation and follow-up maintenance of swimming pools to new customers".

Then progressively roll out to other segments of customers and the full scope of customer engagement - for example, maintenance of existing customers, support, re-marketing to customers who declined quotes.

A staged adoption staggers the amount of data collation needed and the initial number of users that need to get used to the new ways of working, and focuses efforts on immediate priorities. You can start simple and add “bells and whistles” (like automating workflows) later – this really helps with staff engagement.

CXRM has a stack of tools and templates to help, including:

  • best practice CXRM pathways templates
  • accelerators to speed data load
  • easy ways to share blueprints and ideas with our community

Aggressive / Switch

If it suits your organisation or circumstances, a 'big bang' approach is completely fine for CXRM too. When you're switching from another provider, this is probably the route to go too.

Your focus in this case is likely to be more about:

  • process mapping and re-design to drive improvements - to exactly match CXRM to your business
  • migrating data from other systems
  • integrating outputs to other packages (e.g. accounts)
  • using a partner for advice and training

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