Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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What Does CXRM Do?

CXRM is online software for managing customer experiences and relationships.

CXRM includes the functionality you would expect from a traditional "CRM" solution, plus features that align the internal business processes in your company with the experience you aspire to deliver to your customers.

Putting the X in CRM

Here's a summary of what you can do with CXRM:

  1. Manage Customers Pro-Actively Across The Life-Cycle
    • acquire: create leads from your existing website, manage your business pipeline (leads, prospects, opportunities), create workflow to control lead distribution, build and share target lists and manage campaigns
    • care: create support tickets straight from your website, manage customer cases, record support information and solutions
    • deliver: create and control projects - store documents, manage team collaboration,  project resources and status reporting;  collaborate with users external to your company
    • relate: schedule time-based actions to stay in contact or follow-up with past customers and prospects
    • porfolio management: analyse customer data, create workflows to prevent defection or recover customers
  2. Build Customer-Centric Business Processes
    • create custom workflows to align business processes to customer requirements
    • enforce comformance with customer requirements using milestone controls - e.g. providing installation plans and agreeing dates
    • set up dashboards for an 'at a glance' view of where to apply resources and the best next action to take with a customer
    • add triggers to prompt calls to action - e..g. customers not contacted within 5 days of product installation
  3. Measure Customer Experience
    • custom metrics of performance across the RATER dimensions of service
    • define your service blueprint at key moments of truth and trigger interventions
  4. Organise Your Information Around Customers
    • all customer information held in a single, shared library
    • single view of all contacts with a customer - all contact notes and historical activities, together with all the associated folders and files
    • tagging to help categorise types and statuses of customer
    • watches / alerts that trigger when things change
    • performance reporting and dashboards
    • extensive search, recently used items, favourites

You can find out more on our Pricing and Sign Up page.

CXRM also has extensive "back office" administrative features to help keep everything in check, including:

  • import and export of data
  • links to email and other applications
  • context-sensitive help screens
  • task / to-do list assignment
  • user management and security

Pricing and Sign Up