Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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CXRM Puts The Customer Experience At The Heart Of Your Business

CXRM's software has been built from the ground up with a focus on aligning customer experience with the ability to deliver it - connecting the outside and inside of the business together.

With CXRM, you can make your customers the stars:

  1. Embed customer-centric ways of working using CXRM's best practice CX functionality
  2. Engage with customers across their lifecycles and journeys by configuring CXRM's process engine to precisely define the service you offer
  3. Create a single view of a customer’s information and their interactions with your firm
  4. Become more pro-active in how you approach customers - for instance, add triggers that prompt customer follow-up actions to deliver a service blueprint instead of passively waiting for negative customer feedback

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