Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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CRXM: Customer-Driven and Customer-Focused

Most CRM solutions are too internally focused, and so is the way they are implemented. The approach to adopting CXRM, and getting value from the software, is different. 

CXRM starts from the customer.  

You might begin by putting in one or two core service pathways or processes that improve the management of target segments of current and prospective customers. This allows you to adopt the system at a pace that suits your business and immediate priorities. You can start simple and add “bells and whistles” later – this really helps with staff engagement. 

CXRM adapts to fit your business, not the other way around.

It’s hard to make many ‘off the shelf’ CRM systems work for your business. You end up with compromises and work-arounds.

CXRM can be easily tailored to fit your business. That way you can really focus on adding value to your customers and addressing the issues that face your business.

Maintain customer focus as you grow.

Many CRM solutions trap you into a rigid and and unresponsive structure.  CXRM is highly reconfigurable so you can adapt as customers’ demands change, and as you expand to new services and sectors.  CXRM manages additional complexity as you grow, so your staff can are focused on customers, not on the system or patching data.

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