Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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Defining a Customer Service Blueprint

In the last few pages, we have defined a language to describe customer service and a Contact Map tool for capturing the customers’ experience at each Moment of Truth (MOT). 

The next step is to define the targeted service level - what we aspire to reach. 

We can do this using the same language and the same measurement tools - so our Customer Service Blueprint is simply the Customer Contact Map that we seek to achieve - with the required performance defined for each Moment of Truth and each Dimension of Service. The Blueprint basically looks just the same - allowing direct comparison.

The Customer Service Blueprint will be used to set standards and communicate these standards throughout the organisation. 

It may be necessary to define a segmented Service Blueprint, to determine the required service levels across multiple channels to market, and often for individual customer groups (e.g. to differentiate between business and consumer customers).

With a Contact Map and Service Blueprint in hand, you're nearly in a position to take real steps to improve customer experience - but first we need to understand how customers perceive the gaps between ideal and actual service levels... Understanding Gaps in Your Customer Service