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Tools To Improve Your Customer Retention

A recent article at Beyond Philosphy mentions that is is important to keep the customers you have by providing a great customer experience. 

Many SME businesses need an efficient online business system to manage their clients and records effectively. Allowing them to build a strong relationship with clients and provide excellent customer experience.

CXRM has a wide range of tools to help achieve this ;

  • Tools for sharing information, files and folders across your business
  • A best-practice active customer relationship management solution
  • Business process management tools to manage workflow

The best part about CXRM is that it is completely flexible and customisable to suit your business’ needs. Whether it be from tracking jobs in graphic design, to managing your garage and due MOTs or maybe even internal employee administration.

Where it excels at providing excellent customer experience is that it gives you the option to pull up customer information with its easy to use search tool, allowing you to view any notes you or another employee may have added. Helping to create an efficient customer service.

As you create projects and work tasks along the way with CXRM, you’ll be able to ‘add people’ to those tasks so you are given as easy overview of who you need to speak too regarding any potential issues. As well as being able to filter projects and tasks by adding ‘tags’ to them, so for example ‘In Development’ to ‘Completed’. From CXRMs dashboard you’ll have a clear overview of your daily businesses activity and what you need to focus on. Allowing your business to grow whilst remaining effective and efficient.

Published: 11-04-14 by Rob Lampard

service excellence, customer experience