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New Customer Workflow? It's Easy With CXRM!

CXRM is an easy system to implement.

We do always suggest that you get the basics right first and come to the "bells and whistles" later. Here's a quick "peep" at a whistle.  

Alacrify - a successful website development company with a reputation for high quality design and friendly service - recently developed a CXRM blueprint for the management of workflows that ensure compliance with new Nominet registrar requirements. Read more here on the background.

The steps to develop a blueprint like this are as simple as the following:-

  1. Understand what the customer needs
  2. Brainstorm the service pathway to deliver the need
  3. Configure the solution and load data
  4. Train, share and use

From a whiteboard to a dashboard in a day or two!

Read on if you're interesting in seeing how the blueprint was pulled together.

If you just want to use it:-

  1. existing customers: click here to add the blueprint to your solution
  2. new customers: get started now with CXRM 

1. Understanding the customer needs

Nominet is technically a supplier to the business - but they specify the service levels you must give to your domain management customers. Understanding what Nominet prescribe is a proxy for the minimum needs of your customers with regards to servicing domains. In this case the need is fairly straightforward given Nominet publish a definitive set of guidelines mandating performance in the Service Level Agreements, Data Quality Policies and other guidance, for instance:-

  • responding to customer queries or complaints within 5 days
  • suspending domains within 30 days if the quality of data on the register cannot be confirmed

2. Designing The Service Pathway

Translating the customer requirement into relevant service pathways is a bit of a brainstorming affair:

  • what are the triggers for action? For example, is a domain coming up for renewal?
  • what do we need to deliver to our customer? 
  • what should our customer interaction look like? (See our articles on Service Blueprint for more)
  • what actions do we need to take at each step?
  • how can we get CXRM to help us highlight priorities? For example, if an action hasn't been taken and timing has become critical, can this be flagged up for priority?

3. Configuring the Solution and Loading Data

Once we have a workflow design showing how we need to interact with Nominet and customers, it's simply a case of translating that into a blueprint language that CXRM can work with.

In broad terms, this means:-

  • deciding what the 'thing' is that will flow - in this case, a Domain Name that needs something doing to it spawns a "Project"
  • defining the States that can exist. This can be defined from an internal (company) perspective and a customer perspective (CX). An example state might be "Waiting for a Customer To Decide Whether to Renew" (which is "Deciding Whether To Renew" from a CX perspective)
  • defining the Events that automatically move Domain Names between States in the background - for example, if there are only 7 days left to act, the Domain might be moved to an 'Urgent Action Needed' State. 
  • defining the work that must be done to achieve a change in State. For example, to reach the State 'Problem Resolved' might require the mandatory attachment of a note describing the solution.
  • setting up how you want the flow to look in a dashboard
  • describing, where appropriate, the means and nature of customer engagement. For example, this could mean embedding in the workflow a template for asking customers questions about their circumstances. This can also include specific help / how-to information for operating the workflow.

CXRM has an easy-to-use data load capability, so it's a quick task to get all your initial data loaded and ready to use.

4. Training, Sharing and Using

Documenting any solution is a key step towards training.

With CXRM, you can do this at a number of different levels - from embedding customised help and customer service guidance inside the workflow to creating an appropriate KnowledgeBase page to put everything in content.



Once completed, the blueprint can be shared with others by loading to the CXRM Blueprint website. Of course, that repository also holds lots of ideas and solutions from other users that can be quickly added to your own solution.


Alacrify is a few weeks into using the Nominet workflows and has already seen clear productivity benefits. The more significant advantage, however, comes from being more prepared and pro-active with regards to the management of domains. Alacrify's customers can be even more assured that their domains are in safe hands, and Alacrify can use these positive interactions with customers as an opportunity to discuss how they can help with their broader digital marketing needs, rather than any fire-fighting around domain issues.

CXRM In Your Business

CXRM is all about helping companies improve their customer focus. To do this, you can brainstorm the customer requirements and have a service pathway up and running in next to no time.

You can start today and grab the Nominet Blueprint straight away if that's your need - or let us know what your customer management challenge is and let's get it solved.

Contact us today to get started!


P.S. We're also looking for more CXRM partners as we grow. Give us a shout (or even a tweet) if the kind of stuff described above floats your boat!

Published: 09-01-15 by Phil Baxter

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