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Manage your compliance with the new Nominet requirements

Heads-up, Nominet technology partners!

  • Nominet's new compliance requirements mean you have increased obligations for dealing with domain issues and renewals
  • Other domain registries have similar requirements
  • CXRM now has an off-the-shelf Nominet configuration which you can use to manage your compliance, reducing administration time and improving customer experience
  • We also offer all the functionality you need from a CRM to streamline your engagements with customers and manage your business pipeline - so everything's in one place

Nominet's Requirements in Context

As a successful technology company, no doubt you have many projects underway and in development all the time. You'll also have a pipeline of evolving sales opportunities. And a historical base of clients that maybe numbers at least in the hundreds. A significant customer engagement challenge - and lots of business opportunities! 

Technology firms also take on a lot of recurring responsibilities - such as ongoing maintenance, upgrades, hosting and renewals. These can be tricky to manage alongside project-based demand because they're typically triggered by time passing (rather than the phone ringing). Renewing a customer's domain, for instance, requires firstly that you identify it's time to do something, then to get in contact with the customer for their instructions, and finally to take the requested actions. This type of work is likely to be part of providing a good overall customer experience - so your customers feel they are in safe hands with their domains - but it's likely to be thin margin stuff.

The last thing you need is things to get harder, but they are.

As a tech partner of Nominet, you'll already know that there has been a proliferation of new compliance requirements on such matters as data quality - with severe penalties (such as suspension of your clients' domains and even your partnership) if you don't follow the rules. This is all being driven by the ongoing decentralisation of internet governance (our topco, xampe, posted recently about the matter here) - all for good reasons, clearly, but the reality on the ground means that you're facing ever-increasing operational challenges.

Even mid-sized Nominet partners typically have responsibility for several hundred domains, all of which need timely interventions and data management against the tightened standards.

The good news is that CXRM has these kinds of issues for breakfast. Nom. Nom.

Sorting Out Nominet Compliance

In just a couple of days recently, Alacrify - a successful website development company with a reputation for high quality design and friendly service - configured their CXRM installation to manage workflows that ensure compliance with the new Nominet requirements. Click here if you'd like to see how the blueprint was pulled together.

The result is a surprisingly simple dashboard interface that gives an at-a-glance view of the compliance workload, priorities and actions.

  • Dashboard for managing Customer Renewals
  • A Snapshot of the Status of All Domains
  • Dashboard for managing Domain Issues

CXRM automates the key timing decisions in the background- so, for example, a new domain coming up for renewal will automatically drop into a hopper of jobs that need to be dealt with. As the renewal is progressed, the job moves across the dashboard - CXRM records interactions with customers and stores any files generated in the right place so everything is accessible and visible in the future.

Having gained real control over the underlying workflow, it becomes a lot easier to be more pro-active: for example, to use a domain renewal as a reason to have a broader discussion with a customer about other ways you might be able to help them.

That's really the DNA of the CXRM solution - step-by-step, you can seize control of both your data and your customer interactions, making your business more pro-active and customer-focused.

Early Benefits

Alacrify is a few weeks into using the Nominet workflows and has already seen clear productivity benefits. The more significant advantage, however, comes from being more prepared and pro-active with regards to the management of domains. Alacrify's customers can be even more assured that their domains are in safe hands, and Alacrify can use these positive interactions with customers as an opportunity to discuss how they can help with their broader digital marketing needs, rather than any fire-fighting around domain issues.

CXRM in Your Business

Alacrify is both a "power user" of CXRM and a CXRM partner.

We'd be delighted to connect you with Alacrify to explore how CXRM can help you get on top of your challenges managing Nominet compliance. As soon as you sign up, you can plug in the Nominet solution. 

Beyond that, because CXRM is a particularly good fit to technology firms with a large portfolio of clients and projects, there is lots of scope to use the software to address your wider customer relationship and experience management opportunities.

Contact us today to get started!

Published: 10-12-14 by Phil Baxter

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