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Is It Time To Improve Your Cross Channel Customer Experience?

With 4G starting to roll out across the country, it’s clear that mobile trends of shopping online will continue to rise. With 72% of the UK population owning a smartphone and 50% using them to make purchases currently.

This means it will be vital that the customer is met with an excellent mobile customer experience. Any modern business that doesn’t have seamless touch points across channels and devices will lose out to its rivals that do, and judging from the stats above, that loss will be big.

A poor mobile user experience directly impacts on how customers view the entire brand. A study conducted by IBM recently found that 63% of adults online would be less likely to buy from a company via other purchase channels if they experienced a problem conducted a mobile transaction.

Mobile Customer Experience Issues

Econsultancy recently conducted their own survey on this matter to find out exactly what issues customers faced when it comes to mobile shopping. The results are shown below.

Bad navigation and screen sizing issues can no longer be excused. Modern day websites can be redeveloped and designed to be responsive no matter the device whilst still providing a clear and easy navigation.

All this information points back to the title of this post, it’s time to check and improve your cross channel customer experience and make sure you’re ready for the battle of 4G customers.

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Published: 20-02-14 by Rob Lampard

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