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Does your CRM help you improve customer engagement?

Nearly a decade ago, McKinsey wrote the following:

"Although companies are investing record amounts of money in ... customer-relationship-management (CRM) technology... only 10 percent of business and IT executives surveyed strongly agreed that business results anticipated from implementing CRM were met or exceeded.

What's regularly missing, in our experience, is the spark between the customer and frontline staff members—the spark that helps transform wary or skeptical people into strong and committed brand followers. That spark and the emotionally driven behavior that creates it explains how great customer service companies earn trust and loyalty during "moments of truth": those few interactions (for instance, a lost credit card, a canceled flight, a damaged piece of clothing, or investment advice) when customers invest a high amount of emotional energy in the outcome. Superb handling of these moments requires an instinctive frontline response that puts the customer's emotional needs ahead of the company's and the employee's agendas. " McKinsey Quarterly

This criticism still holds true today - most CRM implementations are internally-focused, rather than customer-oriented. They control the internal processes required to 'service' the customer (for instance, in selling them something), rather than focus on delivering an excellent customer experience.

With CXRM, the customer experience is placed at the heart of CRM. You can map your internal workflow to typical customer journeys, highlighting key customer contact points and communicating to frontline staff the customer service priorities and guidelines (your service blueprint).

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Published: 09-05-14 by Phil Baxter

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