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CXRM Provides A Platform To Build Customer Experience #CX + #CRM = #CXRM

Customer experience and relationship management softwareCXRM is online software that helps create the time to grow and manage your business relationships [#CRM] by providing a platform to build excellent customer experience [#CX].

With CXRM you’ll be able to share information across your business from one place; helping to avoid running back and forth, sending constant internal emails and calls to one another.

With CXRM each user is able to update and share notes and information on anything, making your business' contact with your customers seamless and consistent, and giving useful project information to everyone who has contact with your customers.

Improved Process Visibility => Better Planning and Operations

Managing lots of projects can be tricky for a small business, but with CXRM, a dashboard overview of your tasks will show you what you need to focus on. CXRM makes it easy to track and manage projects that you have upcoming, have completed or need maintaining. 

So, for example, to manage subscription renewals on an annual basis, you can create a ‘renewal due’ tag, an ‘expired’ tag, an ‘ok tag’ and a ‘cancelled’ tag on each subscription. From here CXRM can automatically move subscriptions into the ‘renewal due’ tag when they are one month from expiring. From viewing the ‘renewal due’ tag you’ll be able to see everybody who is due for renewal and action that accordingly, sending them a reminder.

Better Planning and Communication => Better Customer Experience => Improved Profits

Better Customer Experience = Increased ProfitsExcellent customer service creates a great customer experience which will help improve your profits, drives referrals and ensures retention of customers.

Published: 03-04-14 by Jon Sloper

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