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CXRM Partners - upgrading businesses, not just software

Earlier this week, I met with Paul from a terrific technology firm near Farnham about CXRM partnership and what it could mean for his firm (and for us).

Paul's current work with customer management solutions is as a technology partner for one of the major "on premise" CRM solutions.

I asked him what that meant from a day-to-day perspective. He described the day before as an example: "I migrated a couple of new users to the latest version."    

Which meant? "Setting up remote access to their laptop, then downloading 150MB of data, installing, restarting... applying latest service packs, then connecting to their 'organization' and setting them up as a UK user. Then waiting. Lots of waiting about."

This contrasts quite heavily with the role of a CXRM partner.

As a fully cloud-based solution, the hardware and software requirements for the CXRM end-user are, of course, much more straightforwards.

There is, nonetheless, a real role for technology expertise with CXRM - it's just that more focus is on areas that are pivotal to directly addressing how a business  manages its customers - for example:

  1. developing website lead capture forms that directly feed a customer management workflow inside the solution
  2. designing and implementing a pro-active re-marketing process that prompts users to get back in contact with dormant customers
  3. tailoring the customer database to precisely fit the data entry, search and reporting needs of the client and preparing and migrating data from other systems to fit this profile

CXRM partners bring to bear commercial and business skills alongside their technology expertise.

The role is about supporting users of the solution to work out key leverage points that address engagement issues with customers, and then putting in place a blueprint that addresses them.  

This might mean defining and deploying the  'ideal process' for different customer journeys, such as setting up a new account or support ticketing, or a really focused internal workflow to meet compliance requirements. Here's a recent example of our Whiteboard to Dashboard'  blueprinting process in action for this latter case.

Motherhood and Apple Pie

Given you've read this far, I'd guess the CXRM partner role may be appealing. We'd of course love to talk to you. 

Our proposition to partners includes discounted use of software, plus a share of the ongoing, recurring revenue stream for retained customers.

Just as importantly, CXRM provides ongoing touchpoints with customers - as users prove the value of CXRM, adoption increases further providing opportunities for you to support their ongoing growth as a business. We strive for this to be a win/win/win interaction!

If you would like to explore the fit, just drop us an email, tweet or phone call!

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Published: 22-01-15 by Phil Baxter

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