Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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Customer-Focused CRM

Most existing CRM solutions are too internally-focused. In contrast, CXRM puts the customer experience at the heart of CRM (and your business!) - our software has been built from the ground up with a focus on aligning customer experience with the ability to deliver it.

CXRM's process engine can be used to map a customer's journey to your internal service delivery processes, to enable customer-centric ways of working and put active customer management at the heart of your business.

By way of illustration, consider a swimming-pool manufacturer and installer, BluePool. The typical customer journey spans initial research, enquiry, specifying and purchasing, agreeing installation, receiving the installed product, paying, receiving after sales support and maintenance.

CXRM allows BluePool to set up smart workflows to align against each stage of the customer journey, with appropriate controls, metrics and targets to support the deliver of service excellence.

BluePool's use of CXRM might include: 

  1. journey dashboard - a single-page 'management' view shows the status of all pools by customer 'moment of truth' (agreeing to a proposal, deciding to purchase, signing off installation/paying the final bill, agreeing to refer).
  2. workflow - drill-down dashboards show the detail of pools by stage of the customer journey - mapped to the internal process state - so that telesales, installation, support personnel can also see their parts of the internal processes, including what internal and customer engagement tasks need to be performed and to what service blueprint standard (and also where priorities lie).
  3. routing and gate-keeping - CXRM ensures appropriate tasks are performed. Supports the deployment of BluePool's customer experience goals by, for example, prompting that an installation date is agreed early enough in the process.
  4. recording - forces the discipline of recording the content of customer contacts when important milestones are passed.
  5. pro-active triggers - enables the delivery of BluePool's customer engagement goals - for instance, one month post installation, all customers are automatically routed to a journey state 'considering if happy (with their purchase)' - to be followed up and nurtured.
  6. life-cycle management - when not on an active journey, BluePool tags customers for analysis and further action - e.g. prospects that did not proceed, potential customer advocates, candidates for customer satisfaction surveys - to maximise customer lifetime value.
  7. data collaboration - the history of contacts made across the customer's life-cycle is shared, together with relevant files.
  8. metrics - e.g. measures the lead time to deliver the pool.

CXRM's process engine is entirely configurable. BluePool, for example, could classify its customers according to whether they are acquiring a new or replacement pool, and develop differential service paths accordingly. 

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Published: 05-11-14 by Phil Baxter

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