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Capture Your Customer Knowledge With CXRM

There's always been a number of easy ways to use CXRM to capture customer knowledge, for example:

  1. using contact notes to record every material interaction with a customer, so that any of your people looking at the customer can get an immediate '360' view of things what has been done and when;
  2. defining a process to control and streamline how you deal with a customer on a particular customer journey - for example, when a customer seeks after-sales support, the process in CXRM would help your team  identify what to do at each step and ensure they capture the right information at the right time. (The process dashboard also gives a very visible overview of which customers are at each stage in the journey)

Now, with the launch of CXRM's new intranet module, you can also capture all sorts of business knowledge, including:

  1. detailed ways of working, policies and procedures: the scope is unlimited, so this could be at the level of 'How we do marketing' right down to 'How to manage the account of customer ABC'
  2. check-lists: for example, you could create a page that describe 'our daily marketing check-list' with links through to detailed 'how to' pages underneath.

The intranet software is fully integrated into CXRM, which makes it interactive - you can easily make links between your business knowledge and data in the app. For instance, your 'How to manage the account of customer ABC' could have live links to reports on that customer, templates or standard wording to use when dealing with them, and so on.

Knowledge = power. To add CXRM's intranet module is easy: from the System Administration menu, click 'Optional Additional Modules' and follow the prompts!

Published: 26-09-14 by Phil Baxter

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