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Building Your Customer Experience Model With CXRM

With customer experience becoming more and more of a priority across platforms, it’s important businesses have the right model in place to deal with customers.

Here at CXRM, we strive to provide a platform that allows you to manage your customers' experience and help provide an excellent and personalised service.

CXRM enables your business to manage interactions with customers across the whole life cycle - from acquisition, to service delivery, to customer care and in maintaining ongoing relationships. CXRM has a suite of 'out of the box' best practice process definitions. These can be adapted and customised for your own company to create workflows that align your business operations with customer requirements.

With CXRM you’ll be able to share information across your business from one place; this means whether you’re out the office or sitting at your desk, you’ll be able to view and update details wherever you are and share them with your colleagues.

Each user is able to update and share notes and information on anything, making your business' contact with your customers seamless and consistent, and giving useful project information to everyone who has contact with your customers. Whilst also giving you the option to lock users out of certain information, protecting confidential information.

Managing lots of projects can be tricky, but with CXRM, a dashboard overview of your tasks will show you what you need to focus on. CXRM makes it easy to track and manage projects that you have upcoming, have completed or need maintaining. 

So, for example, to manage running projects you can have a number of different columns or ‘tags’. This could be something as simple as ‘Quoted’, ‘In

Design’, ‘In Development’, and finally ‘Completed’. This helps everyone in your business keep up to date on projects simultaneously as well as keeping customers in the loop of how projects are going. You’ll also be able to drag and drop files onto unique projects as well as adding personal notes from each user.


Better Planning and Communication => Better Customer Experience => Improved Profits

Excellent customer service creates a great customer experience which will help improve your profits, drives referrals and ensures retention of customers.

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Published: 24-04-14 by Rob Lampard

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