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Blueprinting Best Practice with CXRM

We've just gone live with a nifty new widget that makes it really simple to share best practice blueprints.

It's neat short-cut to quickly get hold of things other users have done with the CXRM solution, for example:-

  • Setting up for a particular sector - for example, a florist or a swimming pool installer
  • Meeting particular needs - for example, managing the renewal of domains for internet firms
  • Sharing tags - for example, geographical tags that can be applied to customer segmentations

Blueprints are published on our website, or your partner will have a stack of them!

You need someone with system admin access to load a new blueprint - the functionality is available from the Data Interface menu. You can also extract your own information here: for example, if you set up a great new way of dealing with customer ticketing, that service pathway can be taken out as a pathway and shared with others. 


Published: 09-01-15 by Phil Baxter

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