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CXRM Partners - upgrading businesses, not just software Thursday, 22 Jan 2015

Earlier this week, I met with Paul from a terrific technology firm near Farnham about CXRM partnership and what it could mean for his firm (and for us). Paul's current work with customer management solutions is as a technology partner for one o... more
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Blueprinting Best Practice with CXRM Friday, 09 Jan 2015

We've just gone live with a nifty new widget that makes it really simple to share best practice blueprints. It's neat short-cut to quickly get hold of things other users have done with the CXRM solution, for example:- Setting up for a p... more
blueprint, best practice, cxrm, cx

New Customer Workflow? It's Easy With CXRM! Friday, 09 Jan 2015

CXRM is an easy system to implement. We do always suggest that you get the basics right first and come to the "bells and whistles" later. Here's a quick "peep" at a whistle. Alacrify - a successful website development comp... more
nominet, compliance, cx, customer

Manage your compliance with the new Nominet requirements Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014

Heads-up, Nominet technology partners! Nominet's new compliance requirements mean you have increased obligations for dealing with domain issues and renewals Other domain registries have similar requirements CXRM now has an off-the-shelf Nomi... more
cxrm, nominet, compliance, workflow, customer experience, cost reduction

Customer-Focused CRM Wednesday, 05 Nov 2014

Most existing CRM solutions are too internally-focused. In contrast, CXRM puts the customer experience at the heart of CRM (and your business!) - our software has been built from the ground up with a focus on aligning customer experience with the ab... more
crm, cxrm, customer experience, service blueprint, customer engagement

How To Maintain Customer Focus As You Grow Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014

It's hard to retain focus on customers as your company grows. At start-up (and at micro-size), the original founder's passion and commitment to go the extra mile for customers tends to design in a terrific customer experience, but with gro... more
customer focus, customer experience

Capture Your Customer Knowledge With CXRM Friday, 26 Sep 2014

There's always been a number of easy ways to use CXRM to capture customer knowledge, for example: using contact notes to record every material interaction with a customer, so that any of your people looking at the customer can get an immediate... more
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New articles on customer lifecycle and customer journey Monday, 07 Jul 2014

CXRM's software helps you to manage customers across their lifecycles and to ensure that your operations are set up to deliver an optimal customer experience as customers engage with your company. But what is meant by 'customer lifecycle... more
customer lifecycles, customer journey

Does your CRM help you improve customer engagement? Friday, 09 May 2014

Nearly a decade ago, McKinsey wrote the following: "Although companies are investing record amounts of money in ... customer-relationship-management (CRM) technology... only 10 percent of business and IT executives surveyed strongly agreed tha... more
customer service, customer engagement, crm, customer experience management

Using CXRM To Provide Excellent Customer Experience Tuesday, 06 May 2014

CXRM is an easy to use online software system that makes it easy to track subscriptions, manage your clients and help your business to grow effectively and efficiently. Many SME businesses need an efficient online business system to manage their cl... more
xampe, efficient customer experience, client management, online business administration software, sme

Building Your Customer Experience Model With CXRM Thursday, 24 Apr 2014

With customer experience becoming more and more of a priority across platforms, it’s important businesses have the right model in place to deal with customers. Here at CXRM, we strive to provide a platform that allows you to manage your custo... more
customer experience, service delivery model, business operations

Tools To Improve Your Customer Retention Friday, 11 Apr 2014

A recent article at Beyond Philosphy mentions that is is important to keep the customers you have by providing a great customer experience. Many SME businesses need an efficient online business system to manage their clients and records effectivel... more
service excellence, customer experience

CXRM Provides A Platform To Build Customer Experience #CX + #CRM = #CXRM Thursday, 03 Apr 2014

CXRM is online software that helps create the time to grow and manage your business relationships [#CRM] by providing a platform to build excellent customer experience [#CX]. With CXRM you’ll be able to share information across your business ... more
online, software, sme, customer, experience, cx, service

Creating An Excellent Customer Experience Thursday, 13 Mar 2014

A recent article on highlights the importance of knowing your customer and their needs when it comes to building an excellent customer experience for them. At CXRM, we provide a platform for you to build upon your customer experience ... more
customer, service, experience, platform, online, build, excellent, provide, consumer, xampe, improve, create

"It's Not About Satisfaction, It's About Engagement" Monday, 24 Feb 2014

According to a recent Gallup poll, which involved retail banking customers, it was found that ‘banks that only consider customer satisfaction – even extreme “top box” satisfaction – are leaving significant cross-selling... more
customer experience, #cx, online software, customer engagement, #cem

Customer Experience To Become A Priority #CX Friday, 21 Feb 2014

An interesting article published on Forrester Blogs discusses why customer experience will become the number one CIO priority. One of the main points it makes in regards to companies and organisations who have a strong customer experience, is that ... more
customer experience, cxrm, service excellence

Is It Time To Improve Your Cross Channel Customer Experience? Thursday, 20 Feb 2014

With 4G starting to roll out across the country, it’s clear that mobile trends of shopping online will continue to rise. With 72% of the UK population owning a smartphone and 50% using them to make purchases currently. This means it will be v... more
mobile, customer experience, mobile purchases, cross channel

CXRM Connecting Customer Experience Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

Oracle recently conducted research into the shopping needs and expectations of consumers worldwide in an effort to better understand the important of service to the retail experience. The full article can be found at the The main va... more
customer experience, online shopping, small business

Using the Perfect Order Score to Improve Customer Service Tuesday, 18 Feb 2014

Acceptable ontime delivery to customers, but at what cost? “A hundred years ago people thought the industrial revolution had happened, but it has only just begun with the commercialisation of the Internet” Microsoft Whether you're ... more
cxrm, perfect order score, microsoft

Top 10 Ways To Create A Positive Customer Experience Monday, 17 Feb 2014

Recently winthecustomer published an excellent post regarding how to create a positive customer experience, backed up with the fact that 68% of customers who left a company do so because they felt undervalued. We’ll summarise the ‘Top 1... more
top 10, positive customer experience, cxrm, online software