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Customer Lifecycles, CRM and Marketing

Integrating an understanding of customer lifecycles with customer management and marketing processes is a hugely powerful (and generally under-utilised) method of building value in your customer base.

Returning to our Customer Lifecycle Model, below, we can consider some approaches to campaign that directly link to the cycles.

Types of campaign include:

  1. Follow-up: typically instigated by your customer service aspirations. For instance, "always contact new customers within a month of shipping to check on installation."
  2. Remarketing: approaching contacts that considered but did not acquire your service. An ideal outcome is re-engagement, but the underlying purpose is to identify where they are on the right hand cycle (i.e. are they Listening to your relationship building?)
  3. Keep Warm: broad but relevant content marketing to contacts that are Ignoring
  4. Re-engage: targeted sales messages to contacts that are Listening (e.g. directly relevant sector case studies)
  5. Upsell: developing and promoting additional services to customers that are Using
  6. Survey: asking customers that are Using, Considering, or Listening for their views on your service or potential service (the survey should be tailored to the lifecycle stage).
  7. Referral: asking for direct referrals. Most effective earlier in the Aware-Use cycle, and targeted at contacts Listening or early stages of Aware-Use cycle.
  8. Renewal: remarketing based on predictable cycles - e.g. the renewal of a subscription or replacement of a vehicle
  9. Prevent Defection: recommunication of benefits (and / or offers) to at-risk customers 
  10. Recovery: remarketing to customers that have defected but are still Listening.

TIP:  with CXRM's software, you can create workflows that help you manage customers across the life cycle - for example, CXRM can pro-actively drop candidates for a "re-engage" campaign into a hopper overnight, and then guide them through your re-engage process. 

There are other combinations as well, of course, though ten should be good enough as a starter. 

The basic principle is to ensure that your CRM and marketing communications are lined up with a strong understanding of customer lifecycles and the journeys your customers are undertaking.

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