Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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Customer Lifecycles

Customer lifecycles are used to analyse the behaviours and decision-making of your customers over time.

Understanding customer lifecycles can give real insight into how a broad base of your customers experience your organisation as a whole.

Customers may well understand your business better than you do, and revealing what creates customer value over time is in turn the key to unlocking tremendous value in your firm.

Customer lifecycles help you understand customers better, by:

  1. providing a more encompassing, longer term perspective of customer experience - as seen through the customers' eyes (an outside-in view)
  2. creating a detailed understanding of which factors influence behaviours and decison-making 

Armed with such an understanding, it is possible to:

  1. define appropriate, timely interventions with customers at pain points and moments of truth;
  2. align the design of your services to deliver better customer engagement as customers enter specific "journeys"
  3. structure the parameters of your customer relationship management processes to focus customer interactions at points of maximum leverage

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