Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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Bridging The Service Gap

A key benefit of the Customer Service Blueprinting approach is that it provides a platform from which focused and aligned improvement initiatives can be driven, and a context in which business decisions can be made.  

Many organisations suffer from conflicting initiatives and this is often a result of different parties having different views of the customers’ priorities and being unable to communicate these differences.  The Customer Service Blueprint will prevent this from occurring and will ensure that any future improvement activity is targeted at the most appropriate issues.

The blueprint provides a new way to define the processes of a company…from the customers’ viewpoint. 

It describes in detail the outcome of the processes rather than the internal process steps, and it provides a powerful internal communication tool that can be used to ensure that the entire organisation is striving for the same result

In Conclusion

Delivering excellent customer service is probably the most cost effective way of increasing customer loyalty

However, to achieve this is not simply a matter of having a complaints handling procedure or setting up a call center.   In the words of one of our clients  “Customer service is not a department….it’s the business”.

In other words the entire organization needs to be focused on giving the customer an excellent experience, first time, every time.  And this will only happen if the entire organization has the same understanding of the service they are trying to deliver, and if this targeted service level is truly what the customer is looking for.


How CXRM Can Help

CXRM software has uniquely been built from the ground up with a focus on aligning customer experience with the ability to deliver it - connecting the outside and inside of the business together. Please get in touch - we'd be delighted to talk through with you how you can use CXRM to improve your service to customers. Or just start a free trial now and see for yourself.