Customer-Focused CRM (#CX)

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What Are The Benefits Of CXRM?

CXRM helps you manage your relationships with customers, and improve the experience your customers have with your business.

Delighted customers are much more likely to place repeat business and recommend your services to others.

With CXRM, you can help increase the loyalty shown by your customers.

A well-managed customer base will go through a journey as follows:-

  • stop leaving
  • forgive service issues
  • reduce complaint levels
  • buy more
  • buy more often
  • make direct referrals
  • buy only from you
  • look only at you
  • pay more
  • provide insight
  • pro-actively recommend (advocate)

Service excellence is a clear differentiator and a cornerstore for sustainable growth.  

Building a customer centric organisation with CXRM can have significant benefits, enabling your business to:-

  • retain existing customers (lower attrition rates)
  • win back customers that have left
  • build long term relationships and maximise customer lifetime value
  • reduce the cost of acquiring customers
  • increase return on marketing spend
  • maximise sales conversion rates
  • improve response to competitors
  • lower support costs
  • improve visibility and improve decision-making
  • increase employee engagement, motivation, morale and focus
  • reduce operations costs
  • improve selection of products/services/sites
  • deselect unprofitable customers 

... with a significant impact overall...

  • increased sales/growth
  • improved profit margins
  • steadier cash flow
  • happier staff

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